How to make money in fashion in Ghana

Creativity could be your break.

I am often sadden when I see unexplored opportunities that can lead several Ghanaians out of poverty paid no attention. There are a lot talented craftsmen and craftswomen in this country who do not take their craft seriously. I have lost count of the number of times I have been disappointed by artisans in this country. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. Tell a carpenter the table is not straight and his answer will be “enye hwee” Our artisans have no regard for detail or quality. Most handicraft makers believe they can’t achieve a perfect finish because it is their assumption that things made by hand can never be perfect.To all who are inspired by my post and have plans of nurturing a fashion startup this is one idea to consider. TIPS

  1. Choose quality material (raffia), the higher the quality of your raw materials the more durable your final product will be and your customer would love you. Remember a good bag should last more than a year of continuous usage.
  2. The bottom of the bag should be firm and handles versatile and functional.
  3. Popular appeal; if your designs are not diverse and attractive chances are you would not sell many and you would still be completing with every other basket and bag weaver in Ghana.

Miss Dagaati


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