Top Moisturizers for Dry skin

Dry Skin causes and remedies

Dry skin conditions are caused by several factors; Lifestyle and genetic. Before I go on to recommend any products let’s first discuss some of the causes of dry skin.


Dietary: ‘Eat well to look to good’, if this statement isn’t true I don’t know what is. The skin depends on the nutrients present in our bodies. We all know we should be eating lots of fruits and vegetables but how often do we actually do. Research shows that eating lots of fruits and vegetables that contain carotenoids improves skin tone and drinking lots of water keeps the skin properly hydrated. If you have a dry skin, you should be doing these frequently because skincare is not just topical.

Alcohol, cigarette and coffee consumption dehydrate the skin. So it’s all about priorities here.

Environment: where you live can contribute to your skin becoming dry. Living in dry climates such as deserts or the savannah as we have in Ghana. Cold winds or winter weather can also make the skin dry.

Age: As we get older, the skin’s natural oils gets depleted. Dry skin can make the skin appear aged. Fortunately dry skin is not a serious condition and can improved with regular application deep moisturizing skincare products. Remember that leaving your skin dry would cause it to wrinkle faster.

Genetic: Well our genes play a very important role in our total appearance including how much oil is produced in your epidermis. Certain medical conditions can also make a person more prone to dry skin.

Dry Skin Bad boys

  • Petroleum products: they are no good for any skin type. Avoid them like plague. Not only do they not nourish the skin they clog your pores
  • Over exfoliation
  • Long hot shower/bath
  • Over cleansing
  • Products with high alcohol content

My Favorite Products to beat Dry skin


Glycerin: its a humectant which means it draws water from the atmosphere and preserves it in the skin, it feels tacky on the skin, it really needs getting used to. Mix it with light oils/moisturizers to keep your skin deeply moisturized throughout the day. If you are going to use it long term, vegetable glycerin is highly recommended.

Shea butter: contains vitamins and fatty acids that protects and nourishes as well as offers UV protection. God didn’t put this tree in this part of the world for no reason. Shea butter has so many benefits it deserves a thesis on its own.

Lipikar Baume – La Roche-Posay: This product is amazing! It contains 20% Shea butter and glycerin. I highly recommend this for dry or sensitive or itchy skin

Hemp Seed Oils: improves moisture and elasticity of the skin. I tried these from the body sop and they were amazing. Hemp Body Butter and Hemp Hand Protectore

Sunscreen: I can’t scream the importance of sunscreen enough, protect your skin from photo-aging.

This blog is longer than I anticipated so I will end it here. Feel free to google any product seen in the picture above. I always mix light moisturizing products with glycerin. If it leaves your skin dry throw it out or mix it glycerin or Shea butter. Your discretion is always advised.

Miss Dagaati Girl

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    Please ,i do have very deep deep dry skin and rough skin so I need some help of cream or body lotion that will perfect my dryness and smooth my skin as well please any ideas or help

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