Clarins Dark Spots  Correction Experience 

I had very high hopes when I purchased the Clarins Tri-Intensive/Tri-active together with the Bright Plus Day and Night products to lighten the dark spots on my face. I have some dark spots just below my cheekbones, leftover scaring from a breakout from the not so distant past. I am on a mission of wearing less makeup daily, reserving the foundation and face beat for special days. I have been taking my skin routine seriously. The main ingredient is Acerola (a wild cherry) which has the ability to target and lighten dark spots because of its high concentration of Vitamin C. This Serum is indicated for all skin types.

I also got the Bright Plus Day cream which has SPF 20 which is okay for me because I generally find SPF 30+ too heavy and besides I’m currently mainly indoors. I got the Bright Plus Night cream to complete the treatment plan.
The Tri-Intensive Serum is too light giving you a high cost per use. I run out of products in just about three weeks while I still have some more weeks on the Bright Plus Day and Night. I guess that’s because I use each once a day and The smell of the Serum is nothing special but I love the smell of the Bright Plus Night cream, has a mild minty fragrance. The consistency of the product is slightly thicker and soft. The Day cream is also very easy to apply and bland in terms of fragrance.I feel it’s important to mention I have been maintaining an excellent skin care routine while using these products, from cleansing to exfoliation to limited sun exposure.

I am just disappointed that’s this product didn’t diminish the appearance of my dark spots in the slightest way. For me a month is enough time to tell if a product would work or not. I won’t be buying the Tri-Intensive/Tri-Active Serum and Bright Plus from Clarins anytime soon, I’m moving on to another brand. You will hear about that soon.

Even though I noticed a general improvement in the texture of my skin I can’t attribute it solely to Clarins dark spots correction products because my overall skincare has been strict during the period of use.


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