Dear Fishnet, I love you ‘some’

On-trend update – Fishnet and distressed denim

‘Some’ as in the title above is common in Ghanaian parlance which translate to mean I love you too or I also love you. This look is perfect for kicking in some bad ass vibes and for turning lots of  heads. I think the big holes fishnets are really interesting and are the right accessories to make you look trendy in 2017. I have seen several bloggers style them differently and I get fascinated every single time. It is fun to try new styles, get out of your comfort zone every now and then. I fell in love with boyfriend jeans/distressed denim only a few years ago and the love keeps getting deeper and deeper as you can see in this look. Maybe because it’s completely different from my everyday tailored work outfits.




So what I tried to do here is balance rock with tailored to keep it polished, I really wanted to do this look with pumps but went with the mesh booties to stay closer to the rocker style. Black is an essential colour in rock style hence my black blazer, cami and bag.





I am inspired by some bloggers to style my fishnets with floral and leopard print dresses and maybe African print dress, I hope I am to able to pull it off so I can share with you soon.  Okay guys that’s it for my tough-girl look, let me know if you like it and what you like most about it.

Asos Fishnet Tights

One Teaspoon Kingpins Drop Crotch Boyfriend Jeans

Satin trimmed blazer similar


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