Regally Draped

This  beautiful one sided drape maxi dress in burgundy is from asos. I got it purposely for church but after wearing it the first time, I realized it could be an entrance-making dress if accessorized well to the right occasion such as weddings. My friend thought it was actually a little too much for church I don’t share the same opinion. Worn with black shoes and basic accessories it’s totally fine for church. Come to think of it, aren’t Sundays the days we outdoor our best “Kaba and Slit” (traditional Ghanaian garments) in Ghana. The phrase Sunday’s best must have been coined for a reason.img_5574img_5573

This dress is not trendy is more classic, I can wear this dress for a few more years. I love the way it falls over the body, it can accommodate different body shapes. It dazzlingly cascades on the left side. I went with all gold accessories so as to pull off a full-on regal style.

The clutch is an antique hand made piece from Velma accessories. Talk about timeless, its a good investment to buy her bags because they will never go out of fashion, and the best part is they are unique. With strappy gold heels and jewelry complete the look.

Links Below

Dress: Drape Side Maxi Dress

Clutch: Velma Accessories @velmasccessories on instagram

Makeup: @kaan_artistry on instagram

Photograph: @sorcephotography on instagram




  1. misskunge

    I love love love this dress and the look you put together for this! It’s amazing. Keep it up girl ! I should get you to organise my wardrobe for me one of these days 🙂

  2. fashionablysorted

    Hi I love this dress and you look fabulous where can I get it, does it come in all sizes, am 5.5. Am in love with the dress. Pls reply.

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