Fabulous in Mixed Prints

Animal prints and African Prints

I have already confessed my love for certain fashion trends it makes it difficult for me to use the same word (love) to express my appreciation for leopard print. I’ve had an obsession for leopard print since I was a little girl. I’ve owned several leopard print items over the years and I use them freely even when they are not so hot. For me they never go out of style. I’m generally a lover of prints, they don’t scare me at all and I am not afraid to mix and match them.


This beautiful piece is from Nonterah, he mixes animal prints and African prints brilliantly. Deciding on this dress was a no-brainer, I knew I had to have it the minute I spotted it. The red leopard print at the top and bottom of the peplum shaped blue African print makes the top a real stunner.


Another reason for the visual appeal of this top is the colors of the prints. Colors that look good together in plain would generally look good together in print if the print density and textures are well coordinated.


If you are scared of print you can start by incorporating prints with smaller surfaces or smaller print items to your style. Sticking to basic accessories and a ribbed denim trousers keeps the look simple, fun and polished.

…and oh yes makeup does transform, my beautiful makeup was done by Kaan Artistry



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