Quenching My Dry Hair

Natural Hair Care

Women with different hair types have their unique challenges and routines to maintain beautiful and shiny hair.  Mine happens to be keeping it properly hydrated. African women naturally have drier hair, on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say mine is 8. My hair also happens to be very fine in other words very thin. I have tried different products over the years to improve my hair texture without much success, imagine the frustration sometimes particularly after spending good money on a product only to get the harsh reminder that magic doesn’t happen in the world of beauty, it takes commitment and dedication.

Understanding that you  cannot transform your hair for instance from fine to coarse with just a product can help deal with the frustration of searching for the perfect product. That said I will share with you four products that have worked for me in the last 6 months and I am absolutely confident recommending them. I picked up these products because they contained ingredients I was familiar with and they turned out to be amazing.

Palmer’s Shea Formula line of products are formulated for curly, natural and transitioning hair. These products are great for those of you into Green Beauty; Paraben free, No sulfates not tested on animals and the all the other things you care about.img_4377

I got the  Curl Repair Moisture ShampooCurl Repair Moisture Conditioner and the Raw Shea Oil Serum. I noticed a great deal of difference between these and other hair products have used in the past. First, I have to mention they smell really great you want hug anyone you meet so they know your hair smells so great, in case they didn’t realize where the sweet and fresh whiff came from …lol.

They provide my hair with optimum moisture and deals with the frizz, I also notice how soft my hair feels after wash, making it really easy to comb. My hair breakage too is minimal. I use the Raw Shea Oil Serum while my hair is still wet, it absorbs really well and fast and I believe this works well for nourishing the scalp and the roots. To finish up with my styling, I then use my Coconut Oil & Shea Butter from MGL Naturals to oil my ends and strands.

I have been wearing my natural hair for a year now, I wash my hair weekly when I don’t have cornrows and monthly when I braid.


Full Disclosure: This is an independent review and not sponsored by any of the brands listed above.


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