The Anti-aging Rising

Am I missing out? Anti-aging is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the beauty world. There are a whole range of products dedicated to this segment, before I got obsessed with skin care I was under the illusion anti-aging products were magical potions that could reverse the signs of with just a bottle. Maybe my assumptions were justified because of the often far stretched marketing gimmicks.


I like to think of anti-aging as an age-old regimen, it has been revamped by the beauty industry covered with many myths and half-truths.

In all fairness, the industry has seen breakthrough technologies and ingredients that improve skin elasticity and rejuvenation. There is however a myriad of information of anti-aging skin care for the organic & natural products to beauty devices.

So here is another reminder, before you go spending money on any expensive anti-aging product, there are no shortcuts, no magic potions but a regular lifelong regimen for radiant age appropriate skin.


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