Fabulous Ways to Rock your Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are timeless pieces and my personal favourite is the light blue long sleeve jacket. I keep finding refreshing ways to style my jacket. I love caping it over dresses and T-shirts to give me that vital sense of style. It comes in handy on sloppy days, it just has a  way of pulling a look together.


This look is inspired from creative-ways-to-wear-a-button-up-long-sleeve-shirt.I love the message the look sends; I’m fun, daring and sophisticated.


Use your normal size denim jacket for this look if the jacket is too big you might find it a little difficult to keep it lying flat around the waist. You want it to look effortlessly cute and not messy.

I choose simple gold tone accessories and cool colored shoes and sunglasses to complete the look. The final touch to the outfit is the woven hat which breaks the matchy-matchy. I do not recommend over-the-top accessories as they can be very distracting for this outfit.




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